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Job Information

HNTB Traffic Management Center Arterial Operator II in Bradenton, Florida

What We're Looking For

The RTMC/STMC Operators are responsible for the principal monitoring of the roadways including detecting, confirming, updating and responding to scheduled and unscheduled traffic incidents, congestion and travel time imbalances in the geographical coverage area with monitoring and/or surveillance capabilities. The operator position is one of the highest-profile positions in the RTMC/STMC as they are the eyes and ears of detection and management of all activities being handled by the Regional Transportation Management Centers.

Proficient level position that ensures safe and efficient traffic movement and monitors roadways including detecting, confirming, updating and responding to scheduled and unscheduled traffic incidents, congestion and travel time imbalances.

Primary Focus Will Include:

  • Assist with report data collection to include monthly reports, travel speed and travel time reports, incident reports and any other reports that are requested.

  • Monitoring traffic status (by CCTV, Road Ranger, GUI display/detector data, and scanners), scheduled events, active events, equipment fault status, etc.

  • Managing events and congestion using the SunGuide GUI and its devices, both electronic (e.g., website server, incident detection algorithms) and in the field (e.g., vehicle detection stations, CCTV cameras, DMS, etc.).

  • Dispatch Road Rangers to motorists, events and other activities that require their assistance in a timely and efficient manner.Log all activities into the SunGuide database and ensure the quality of information is complete and concise.

  • Coordinate with FDOT and/or FHP and dispatch the proper Rapid Incident Scene Clearance (RISC) Vendor to major events and other activities that require their service in a timely and efficient manner.Log all activities and timestamps into the SunGuide database and ensure the quality of information is complete and concise. This includes updating the RISC Vendor rotation list.

  • Detecting, confirming and tracking equipment faults affecting operations room equipment (e.g., central system, computers, CCTV monitors, and large screen display units) and TMC system field equipment (e.g., CCTV, VDS, DMS).

  • Coordinating with other operations staff concerning external agency communications and general operations room coordination, and other operations room staff from other agencies to obtain a full understanding of all operations room activity status.

  • Inform Emergency Services on Traffic Events – The RTMC/STMC Operators will assist the RTMC/STMC Shift Supervisor informing Emergency Services of traffic incidents in the geographical coverage area of the RTMC/STMC.These events vary in their scope and the methods on how the operator responds notifying FHP, Road Ranger, local police, fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

  • Assist with report data collection to include monthly reports, travel speed and travel time reports, incident reports and any other reports as directed by the Department.


What You'll Need

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Proficient level operator position performing functions under close supervision and to established procedures.

  • Performs most duties and will defer the most complex issues to a supervisor or more senior operators.

  • Operates various computer-based traffic management systems to manage traffic and incidents on roadways and improve traffic conditions.

  • Monitors roadways via CCTV surveillance cameras and detection systems.

  • Monitors all ITS devices and computer equipment associated with the system.

  • Maintains advanced knowledge on the operation of all traffic equipment, computers and software associated with the traffic systems.

  • Utilizes traffic equipment for incident management and the improvement of travel time, safety, and quality of life of the traveling motorists and toll customers.

  • Continually checks the accuracy and validity of the messages displayed on all DMS and 511.

  • Aware of all 511 messages broadcasted on a particular system.

  • Enters incident information into computer systems using traffic management software.

  • Becomes familiar with the roadways and understand the purpose and location of each traffic device (i.e. detector stations, CCTV, and 511).

  • Alerts operator staff to new and existing memos.

  • Uses SOG to detect, dispatch, monitor, and document roadway incidents.

  • Confers with partners (Road Rangers, Local Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, etc.) as well as adjacent Traffic Management Centers or other DOT Districts to coordinate resources for incidents that may affect regional travel.

  • Dispatches Road Rangers and assists Road Rangers with other tasks, such as phone calls, etc.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma/GED or equivalent

  • 1 year experience as Traffic Management Operator I level or directly comparable experience

  • Good working knowledge of traffic management systems

Visa sponsorship is not available for this position.

EOE including disability and vet


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Work Authorization

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EOE including Disability/Protected Veterans

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